About Mahonri

Mahonri is a gospel knowledge builder using short quizzes, in both solo and social formats, to help people deepen their understanding of the scriptures.

Mahonri was built to help people learn the gospel. My name is Dave Lyon and I have four kids. I want each of them to know the gospel deeply. So I put what skills I have to use to make something that might help them. That's who this is really for. If it's helpful for you and your family, all the better.

The questions within Mahonri games touch on any number of topics, however the one thing that I wanted to make sure of is that each answer is documented. That way if there's any question, the citation can be looked up and something is learned.

I do have more plans for Mahonri in the future. Leaderboards, avatars, and more, all with the goal of making learning the gospel enjoyable. Nothing will replace scripture study though, so make sure you do that first!

Legal Disclaimer

Many names and places referenced on this site and its questions come from the scriptures and written works about the scriptures. Those things are the property of their respective owners and their use here does not constitute any sort of support or backing for this site. Any references to people are meant with the utmost respect and even when used humorously, we hope that all who visit our site know of our deep respect and admiration for anyone that seeks to understand the mind of God.