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Questions For Every Level of Gospel Experience

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How It Works

Basically all the games boil down to letting you choose the right answer from a few options (one-word short answer is possible too).

Which Book of Mormon prophet was the son of Jacob?

Eli Enos Elisha Enoch


Each question you're asked is tied to a level of difficulty, and as you correctly answer questions, you'll level up to successively more difficult levels, building your knowledge as you go.


You spend all your time in gospel scholarship- these answers aren't even in the standard works! It's possible you know too much.

Gospel Nerd

You probably spend 2 hours a day on gospel study- good for you!

Scripture Master

You went to Seminary and know enough about the scriptures to know if you haven't heard it before it's probably in the Old Testament.

Star Pupil

You paid attention in Primary. Well done!


You might not know much yet, but you're enthusiastic and ready to learn! You may also have trouble sitting still.

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Games: 4 Ways to Play!


The simplest game we have. You're asked five questions. There's no time limit and no one else playing against you. Take your time. Learn something.


When you're ready, the Countdown takes the Quiz to the next level by imposing a 10 second time limit for each of the five questions you're asked. See how you do! Don't worry- nothing will explode.


Again, you're asked five questions, and again you have only 10 seconds to answer each question. But this time when you start you can add up to three other people who will be emailed a link to participate. You go ahead and complete the quiz and your friends will complete it later. When all have finished, our site will send each of you an email letting you know who won.


Open our site on a big screen and start a Gameshow. You can then create up to three other contestants (besides yourself). Each will be assigned a PIN code to use, just for this game. Then the contestants open on their devices, scroll to the Gameshow button below and enter their PIN. When all the contestants are ready, the Gameshow starts with the question on the big screen and each contestant answering on their own device. Questions will advance once everyone's chosen an answer and after 15 questions are finished, the winner is declared. (By the way, no points towards your next level are assigned in a Gameshow.)

More to Come

There's still a lot of great things planned-

  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards
  • Submitting Your own Questions
  • And More!

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Joining a Gameshow?

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